About Us



Founded in 2015, Hipster Lasers is fueled by passion, trust, and a keen eye on all things unique. With over 15 years of combined creative digital skills, Hipster Lasers allows us to build the perfect bridge between the digital world and true custom products for any event. Our tight-knit team consists of local artists and digital experts who can be commissioned for any job.

Although we have an extensive portfolio of different products, one of the greatest attributes of Hipster Lasers Lasers is that our customers are always coming to us with fresh ideas and concepts for new and better pieces! We love working with collaborators to fully flesh out the capabilities of our machine.

Let us make something something for you that will be treasured for years to come. It's what we strive to do with every product we produce. Personal reactions to our work is what keeps us going. Give us a chance to wow you!

Join us on our journey. We'll make you smile every step along the way. 


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